The purpose of Godman Soteria Academy of Theology is to pursue knowledge of God, to cultivate leaders for communities of faith, to enrich the Seminary, and to seek peace with justice in a diverse and interconnected world.

GSAT’s major educational aim is also to provide courses of study and research of high standing from certificate to higher degrees.

The courses are specially designed for individuals who are sufficiently motivated to make up a demanding and challenging commitment in order to realize the ideals and aspirations of Christian religion to its fullness.

The Seminary lays emphasis on quality of its courses of study and research, and constant improvement of its courses of study and research.

At GSAT, we understand that God calls each person to serve in a unique way. We offer degrees to students preparing for all kinds of ministry and service to the church, from parish or pastoral ministry to teaching to further academic study. 

To help meet the needs of individuals who are not able to come to campus, GSAT brings people together in innovative learning environments in online coursework.

The faculty of the Godman Soteria Academy of Theology has designed a course of study which provides students with an integrated approach to theological studies. The minister must “know, be, and do,” — that is, he or she must know the story of the faith, must live the story of the faith, and must have skills to perform certain functions as a minister of the faith. The courses integrate the academic, the spiritual, and the practical at three levels.

Firstly, the curriculum of the Godman Soteria Academy of Theology  is fully integrated around the concepts of “knowing,” “being,” and “doing.” The curriculum provides every student with the essential knowledge for ministry by including courses in the classical disciplines of Old Testament, New Testament, Preaching, Evangelism, Church History, Theology, and Human Development. It also provides every student with opportunities for personal spiritual formation and development as well as practical experience in her or his chosen field of ministry with a trained mentor.

Secondly, each course of the Godman Soteria Academy of Theology integrates other disciplines into its instruction. For example, students in the Old Testament course study not only the content of the Old Testament, Old Testament theology, preaching and teaching from the Old Testament, the Old Testament throughout Church History, and using the Old Testament in evangelism. Students in the Preaching course study cultural contexts of preaching; preaching as priest, physician, teacher, and evangelist; pastoral and ethical issues of preaching; and preaching the forms of scripture such as narrative, poetry, doctrine, and instruction, all in a single course

 Celestial Church of Christ Theological Seminary is made up of Ten Schools which are:

a.   School of Theology

b.   School of Biblical Studies

c.   School of Christian Education

d.   School of Missions

e.   School of Divinity

f.    School of Church Ministries

g.   School  of Human Development

h.   School of Spirituoprophylaxis and Psychotheology ( Chaplaincy)

i.     Ramah – Levites School of Prophets

Godman Soteria Academy of Theology have two categories of Doctoral Degree awards:

1. Academic Doctoral Degrees. Read more

2. Professional Doctoral Degrees. Read more

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