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The chancellor, professor Bank-Ola Steve was a Consultant in Management and the MD/CEO of BOLSTE Associates Limited Nigeria before he was called into Ministry. By divine providence, he enrolled as a student in various famous, prestigious and frontline Seminaries in Nigeria and USA for his spiritual education as he was preparing for higher levels and greater effectiveness in his divine commission.

He was trained, ordained  and licensed as a Minister of Christ on 6th September, 2008 at United Bible University.

He is a Christian scholar and a teacher of the gospel with divine mandate to raising Christian leaders and building intellectual capacity for the body of Christ. He has been a visiting Professor to many Christian Universities and Christian Theological Seminaries in Nigeria and Abroad.

He is a Consultant in Church Management and Administration to many Churches, Christian Colleges, Universities and Theological Seminaries in Africa and around the world.

This would enhance quality leadership and congregation in the Church, promote better society and prepare the world for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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