Research Paper And Seminar

1.All awardees must submit 120 page essay / research paper on any issue that relates with your experiences over the years of your work and walk in ministry and areas of competence that could be of various benefits to in coming new generation of Christian scholars in our University. 

2.International awardees are exempted from the seminar because of the distance. However, You must also submit your research write up of at least 120pages or more in PDF format which would be published in your name in the school.
The approval page of your research would be signed by the faculty and sent to you with your certificate.

3.Your research could be on any topic in any area of your interest in ministry

  • The Life of Christ
  • The Holy Spirit
  • Youth Ministries
  • Sacred Music
  • Church Growth Methods
  • World Missions
  • Divine Healing
  • Heaven and Hell
  • The Five Fold Ministry
  • Evangelism
  • Theology
  • Christian Sociology
  • Christian Psychology
  • Christian Worship
  • You may also select your own topic but it must be approved by the Faculty.

Your research shall be one of the research reference materials for all the students in our school and the students will benefit from your distinguished practical performance experiences.

All our awardees are always accorded due honor and respect. That is why we do not classify their certificates Honorary. The award is just a step away from Academic awards

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