General Books Donation

Celestial Church of Christ Theological Seminary’s purpose is to build intellectual capacity for quality leadership, congregation and spiritual development in all areas of church ministries, transform lives for Christian faith, scholarship, and service for the church of Christ.

For anyone (Corporate or Individual) with books about Christianity, other religions, history or philosophy, the Celestial Church of Christ Theological Seminary would be pleased to accept direct donations of these books for our library.

Another way the seminary would like to assist it’s students is by providing free books and other educational materials for seminary classes when available.

Going by our experiences, many that are being called into Leadership by God are financially incapacitated. Hence, to achieve our goal of raising quality leaders in the body of Christ, the newly called need to be supported and encouraged by making available for them study materials both audio visual and printed .

This would afford them the opportunity to grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ in other to  show themselves approved with the skills of carefully dividing the word of truth. This is because quality leadership can only produce quality congregation.

If you are interested (Corporate or Individual) in either buying these books directly and shipping them to the seminary or providing funds directly to the seminary for this cause, please let us know.

The Friends of the Celestial Church of Christ Theological Seminary nonprofit, is organized to provide monetary and volunteer support to the Celestial Church of Christ Theological Seminary Library. This is accomplished through providing funding for special literature and reading programs and through direct donations to library programs.

The Library continues to receive donations of theological books as detailed below.  If you are considering a donation of printed  research materials please first contact  to arrange your delivery.

While appropriate materials will be added to the Celestial Church of Christ Theological Seminary Library’s collection, the library’s main purpose in receiving donated books is to support the work of the Theological Book Network

The following guide lists some of the categories and books we are interested in:
Biblical Studies including commentaries, secondary studies, and linguistic tools

  • Theology (including French language)
  • Church History
  • Ethics
  • Philosophy
  • Missiology / Cross-Cultural Studies
  • Reference material: ONLY Encyclopedias of Theology and Religion
  • Pastoral counseling (with a theological emphasis)
  • Christian Education
  • Divinity
  • Biblical Law
  • CD/DVD
  • Church Music and Worship
  • Linguistics : Hebrew and Greek- studies

Your donations would be highly appreciated

May the Lord richly bless and increase you in all sides in Jesus name

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