Master Of Arts In Theology And Developments


Learning how to combine effective Human development skills with Christian theology is vital to personal, career and organisational growth in many church, faith-based and non-profit environments across the globe.

This integrated  Master of Arts in Theology and Development builds upon Celestial Church of Christ Theological Seminary’s historic ties to Christian education.

The programme aims to provide learners with the tools and insights required to move ahead in their roles, strengthening both personal and organisational practice.

Throughout the course, the innovative programme interweaves leadership and management skills with theological thinking.

The knowledge and skills you gain should help to ensure the decisions you make not only measure up from an organisational or ministry perspective, but from a theological one, too.

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Highlights of the online Master of Arts in Theology and Human Development

1.Learn about core areas of Human Development, ethical practice and inter-cultural communication in ministry contexts, as well as the practical skills needed to lead in church or faith-based organisations.

2.Blend theological insights with leadership skills and analytical reflection to evaluate contemporary issues in order to transform lives and communities

3.Study innovative programme content that builds on the Seminary’s experience in Christian education.

4.Build an extensive network of likeminded professionals through our interactive classroom access.

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