The Chaplaincy Ministry

First be equipped with the functional knowledge of Spirituoprophylaxis and psychotheology


College of Spirituoprophylaxis and Psychotheology  provides courses for Christian carers and counsellors from certificate to doctorate degree.


A Clinical Spirituoprophylaxist is someone who is trained and grounded in the use of the scriptural methods and power of the Holy Spirit to cure ailments of the soul of man. This enables the soul to be free from all forms of afflictions and torments. The spirit of man will be healthy. Once the spirit and soul of man become pure and healthy, his body will function properly and be very active to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ his creator.

Spirituoprophylaxist is needed in our time of faithless generation to care for the problems of man with God’s solution. Psychotherapist and psychiatrist have not been able to the problems confronting man in God’s perspective because only God who created man can fully lead us to understanding the problems and fix the solutions. Secular humanistic psychology is a product of human depravity so we need to turn to God for accurate diagnosis and perfect restoration through His spirit of truth – Psalm139


A Psychotheologian is one trained in the understanding of the psychology of God’s word with the help and leading of the Holy Spirit to turn inward and meditate deeply on every word of God spoken and written to every situation from God’s perspective. To do effectively, there will be a tremendous dependence on the Holy Spirit in the life of man. This course will expose the students to develop deeper relationship with God for spiritual understanding and necessary skills to dealing with diverse issues problems confronting man.

The Psychotheologian is needed in our time of polluted living. it is necessary requirements for living a life, pleasing and acceptable unto the Lord. Not until we turn inward and conduct sessions of meditations over the word of God as spoken to every generation as revealed in the Holy Bible we can never reach that level of understanding that our creator desires.
Spirituoprophylaxist and Psychotheologian is a Christian soldier with the word of God as his spiritual weapon of warfare. When we are sound in the psychology of God’s message, we tend to appreciate the purpose of man in the physical reality and his destiny. These would in a great deal help man to develop the skills to helping  the lost and troubled souls out of their confusion.

An equipped Clinic of Spirituoprophylaxist and Psychotheologian is where people can come to share the problems and receive professional and Godly advices and solution to their problems of the Body, Soul and Spirit.
The client of a Clinic of this sort enjoy longevity of life, happiness, fulfilment, breakthrough,  and productive life time.

1.To be duly trained in the course(s) of the International Institute of Pastoral Education and Chaplaincy, qualified, accredited and approved by CECA for a Professional appointment in the Pastoral, Spiritual Care of Patients and people in crisis.

2. He must be knowledgeable in the Word of God.
3. He must be prayerful
4. He must be a law- abiding citizen
5. He must have genuine love for the people; hate the evil and not the person committing the evil. He must be able to see beyond people’s actions and should know that all behavior is caused.
6. To uphold the Seven – points of Valor Building Honour, Courage, Chivarlry, Purity, Loyalty, Obedience and Dedication in the Performance of his/her duties.

7. To submit to the authority of the scripture in matters of faith and conduct and to the control of the Holy Spirit

8.To cooperate respectfully with those in authority.

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