From the Chancellor

The faculty and staff of the Godman Soteria Academy of Theology are vitally interested in you. We are eager to hear of the ways in which you have experienced God’s leading in your life, and your commitment to serving Christ in ministry to others. In order to help you prepare for a vocation in ministry, the Godman Soteria Academy of theology offers a fully integrated program of study that places theological education in the twin contexts of a strong university and vibrant partner-churches.

By “fully integrated” we mean that the process of a theological education at GSAT has been carefully planned with your needs in mind. Rather than a battery of independent and unrelated courses, the curriculum is planned around the three convictions that as a minister you will need to know certain things, you will need to be prepared to do a wide variety of practical tasks, and you will need to be a person of spiritual depth and maturity. Not only is each course in the curriculum planned around these needs, but each course is integrated with the other disciplines of the theological curriculum. Imagine having your preaching professor talking with you and your Old Testament professor about preaching on one of the psalms, or your mission professor meeting with your theology class from time to time, discussing the relationship between theology and evangelism. “Fully integrated” also means that there will be careful coordination between work in your core courses, your vocational track, and the experience you will have of doing ministry in your chosen vocational track under the supervision of someone who can be a mentor to you.

Our hope is to nurture the spiritual life and character of students in a community that values both authentic scholarship and authentic piety and to equip students for Christian leadership through personal mentoring, challenging courses, community worship, and the integration of scholarship and experience in the practical tasks of ministry

Godman Soteria Academy of Theology has a great deal to offer: the recognition of a highly respected School of Theology; a faculty of first-rate scholars who are committed Christians and committed to a “community” style of education; a network of partner-churches; an innovative, fully-integrated curriculum; and all of this at a highly affordable cost.

We want to covenant with you to do all we can to provide you with an education that will actually prepare you to accept a call to a full-time position in a church-related vocation, and to provide able Christian leadership throughout your career.


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